July 4th National Call to Action: 
Protect "Buy American" and "Buy Local" from the TPP & TAFTA "trade" deals!

FLYER (Print double sided)
  • Open the PDF and scroll down to fill in the name of your Representative and Senators. 
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  • Find your state on this map and find the amount of tax payer dollars your state sends per year to Washington for government procurement (government contracts). Note both the dollar amounts for your whole state AND per taxpayer. Scroll down to the table to see per taxpayer info.
  • Insert the name of your state and these dollar amounts into one of the sample bird-dogging questions below.

  • Insert the name of your state and the dollar amounts found on the map above.
  • Find your Representative and Senators at your local July 4th parade or picnic, and ask the question!
  • Document your Representative/Senators' response so that we can keep them accountable to what they say. (Video recordings are best!)
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Don’t Offshore American Jobs!
Keep our Tax Dollars at Home to Create American Jobs!

Two proposed NAFTA-style “trade” deals – the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) - would offshore our tax dollars, killing more American jobs. These deals would require all firms operating in any of the 39 other nations in these deals to have the same access as domestic firms to U.S. government contracts. TPP and TAFTA would require us to eliminate the "Buy American" and "Buy Local" government procurement preferences that reinvest our tax dollars to create jobs in our communities.

The first time anyone hears the shocking news that these deals would offshore our tax dollars to build up manufacturing and create jobs in Vietnam, Malaysia, and other nations they always say: Congress would never allow that! But in fact some Representatives and Senators still have not come out against TPP or the so-called “Fast Track” process that would allow deals like TPP to be railroaded into place. (Fast Track lets a president sign “trade” deals before Congress even votes and then forces Congress to vote in 90 days with no amendments to make a deal work for us and limited debate.)

Gutting the Buy American policies that have supported millions of American jobs, spurred innovation and fueled our manufacturing sector is a bad idea in general. But, when it comes to TPP, it is especially outrageous. Just the U.S. federal procurement market is more than ten times the size of the new TPP-country procurement markets combined. We would trade away $556 billion in U.S. government contracts for the possibility for U.S. firms to bid on just $53 billion worth of new procurement opportunities in the other countries.

Thankfully, it is not too late to stop this madness! Working together, millions across our nation have stalled the TPP and “Fast Track” trade authority so far. But we will not win unless your Representative and both of your Senators commit to oppose Fast Track and TPP.

If you see them today at your local July 4th event, ask them for a commitment. And call their offices to get a commitment in writing from your Senators and Representative and let them know you support “Buy American” laws. Tell them to protect "Buy American" and "Buy Local" in ALL trade agreements.

Call 202-225-3121
Get Your Representative & Senators to Commit to Oppose Fast Track Trade Authority and TPP